-r, –remove-area yes|no
Whether to remove a VE area on source HN for the successfully migrated VE.

Additional options that will be passed to ssh while establishing connection to destination HN. You may add options like -c blowfishR or the like.

Do not clean synced destination VE private area in case of some error. It makes sense to use this option on big VE migration to avoid syncing VE private area again in case some error (on VE stop for example) occurs during first migration attempt.
Perform online (zero-downtime) migration: during the migration the VE hangs for a while and after the migration it continues working as though nothing has happened.

Verbose mode. Causes vzmigrate to print debugging messages about its progress.


Migration of VE #101 to with downtime:
vzmigrate 101

Online migration of VE#102 to
vzmigrate –online 102